Sent Ones

God has a purpose for your life.

Most Christians don’t purposely walk away from God when they make the transition from college to the workplace; rather, they drift away. We miss the abundant life Jesus promised and simply settle for “good enough”. We choose to hold tightly to our wants and desires, our time and treasures, unwilling to release it all to Christ, not realizing by hoarding our lives, we lose it all.

Our good and giving God is raising up a new generation of men and women to follow Him fully. Our desire is that you would tap into the passions Christ Himself has for your life and that you would have extraordinary influence, leaving an enduring impact over the long haul. We truly believe that God has put His hand on your life for “such a time as this”.

When dreaming of walking with Christ for a life time and creating long-term influence, the first thing you want to evaluate is whether you are fully surrendered to the Lord. Since few New Years’ resolutions last into February, we need to be honest and intentional. First, are you fully surrendered to Jesus Christ? Have you wrestled with God about your life and future? Are you willing to do anything that the Lord will have you do and go anywhere the Lord will have you go?

Jesus talks about producing fruit that remains in John 15. Think about how you can really live bearing fruit that remains, as a spiritually fruitful person who expresses love for Christ over a lifetime.


Sent Ones Bible Study: This is a biblical study of what it looks like to live as a “Sent One,” whether it be in a sphere of influence on campus today, or in your community or workplace in the near future.

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