Where Will You Go?

2015 Summer Missions










Summer Missions offers the opportunity for you to take the good news of forgiveness in Jesus to virtually anywhere in the world with Cru so ultimately everyone will know someone who truly follows Jesus!

Anywhere you go will involve taking steps of faith – following God as He stretches you to become the kind of person He wants you to be.

Cru offers more than 150 unique summer missions. Some are 10 weeks long, others just a week. Some go overseas to places you have never heard of, others are here in the U.S. where you live. You might be reaching out to college campuses in the U.S. or internationally, a beach or resort community, an Hispanic/Latino community, an African American community, an Asian American community, High School students, International students, Greeks on campus, Athletes, an Inner City community, the Art community, a Military community…You get the picture.

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